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Connect with Conn is a platform created and tailored for those who want positive change in their lives and their community. The purpose is to empower you with relevant info that assists YOU in manifesting positive change from within YOURSELF. We are challenging the present status quo filled with self interest, divisiveness, & fear. Hope shines brightly here, be apart of the change for GOOD and lets CONNECT together.

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Breaking Down Charlottesville

Joy Bounds is joined by Attorney at Large Terrence Bradley to discuss the events in Charlottesville and what legal action is appropriate.

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FREE – Success In Relationships Seminar SATURDAY

SATURDAY (August 19) 10am-Noon Martin Luther King Center… 101 Jackson St, Atlanta, GA, 30312

FREE FOR YOU & Friends…

A free event designed to strengthen relationship skills held […]

GropeGate & Vegas Confessions

Joy Bounds is in to talk about the alleged groping of Taylor Swift’s “rear end” and a confession involving Paris Hilton in Sin City!

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Why does this show matter?

If you’ve become overwhelmed by negativity and divisiveness in media and politics, we have a solution! Join Conn Jackson & friends to be the change the world desperately needs. Conn gives us a seat at the table with thousands of thought leaders such as Maya Angelou, Joel Osteen, Yo Yo Ma and many more to discover what it truly means to live with passion and purpose.