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Conn Jackson’s passion is to make a difference in the world starting with YOU. The Conn Jackson Show entertains first, but also is centered on INSPIRING ACTION. People often refer to Conn as Mister Feel Good, for the hope, insights, and humor he brings to every interview and story. That’s the true Connection, that allows Conn to stand apart. He guarantees AH-HA moments and personal break-thrus. He is a counselor, teacher, and friend who understands that knowledge shared is powerful in getting change in oneself and the WORLD.

Everyone must deal with challenges or adversities that impact one’s life, but those who have walked before us can assist. The key is making the connection that can lead to correction. Inspired by making those connections, Conn has devoted his life to assisting us on our journeys. Understanding first hand, Conn Jackson has battled his own obstacles including severe learning disabilities (Dyslexia and Auditory Retention of a 5 year old), being abandoned by his father at 3 years old, and an abusive stepdad for several years.

Through the help of many, Conn garnered much success including degrees from Cornell and Harvard. He spent many years at Disney before earning a lucrative position in Wall Street, but Conn was still yet to feel the fulfillment he had been searching for so adamantly. 9/11 served as the catalyst for Conn to begin his mission to connect people with new ideas and perspectives on how to live life to the fullest extent. As we all continue the journey of life, walk & learn alongside Conn to explore & experience the world. That allows you to achieve your BEST and that will positively impact the world.

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