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Finding Forgiveness For Yourself With Ron Chapman

Join us as we discuss the release of Ron Chapman's books Seeing True, My Name Is Wonder, and A Killer's Grace as he discusses the pursuit of innocence. Check out this intriguing interview as he discusses his motivation for writing the books.

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Check out our latest show opener by the talented Cheryl Boncimino!

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Interview With Guest, Conn Jackson

Get ready to sizzle. Fellow Toastmasters Eddie Lippett and Conn Jackson are unlocking.

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Why does this show matter?

Negativity & divisiveness in media & politics has become overwhelming. Join Conn Jackson & friends to be the change the world desperately needs. No longer victims, we are heroes! Connect today!  Conn gives us a seat at the table with thousands of thought leaders such as Maya Angelou, Joel Osteen, Yo Yo Ma and many more with his personable style and insightful, engaging interviews.